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Can’t see where I’m going
I walk in the night
The stars and the moon
Are my only light
Hungry lies
Kiss my ears
Replace my sighs
Send me tears

To Sons, Young Men, and Parents

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Young man: you’re working part-time. You’re the black-sheep of the family. Your parents are not getting on with each other. You know inside of you that you’ve got something good, but don’t know what it is.

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How Far Can You Go?

Putting Questions to Rest

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It was time to put an old dream into reality. It was time to satisfy another personal hunger. My wife — always ready to support me — did so again.

From the age of 8 years to 11 years. Those times of pre puberty innocence, and life was wonderful.

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January 1949.

Individual happiness between Two

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In my youth, before I hit double digits, my parents taught me that they who lose their temper first — are the ones who usually lose. Although that advice did not always work while I was young, I recalled their words quite often, during my courtship. Now at forty-eight and still on my first marriage, I can honestly say it has worked well. That’s not to say there weren’t some lefts and rights and two pitchforks wielding with anger.

The great value of writing poetry

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In the movie Rocky 3, Rocky Balboa successfully defends his world title a number of times, until he loses to ‘Clubber Lane.’ Rocky’s arch rival and friend Apollo Creed takes him to an old run-down boxing gym, where the light is bad and the air-conditioning non-detectable. The gym is packed out with well-conditioned prizefighters. They’re training hard and looking good. Probably most of these prizefighters are unknown to the bloodthirsty public, which makes them hungrier. Apollo says to Rocky, “What do you see, Rocky.” Rocky stares silently. And Apollo says, “The eye of the tiger.” This best describes Instagram poets.

The fight against the screens

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It is my hope that most of what I publish will be read by young adults.

My Calling, Part Two: The road to a Meaningful Life and building a better Me.

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I was a high-school dropout. For most of the first twelve years of my working life, I worked two or three jobs simultaneously. I wanted to get ahead, but was undecided where I was going. From the age of sixteen to eighteen, work was experimental, unsettling, failure, and just hard grinding. I worked in a meat department, service station, as a cashier, a chicken cutter, a door to door salesman, a telemarketer, a cleaner. …

In search of your destiny.

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We are human: we are equal. But from babyhood to death, life is not equal.
However, life is tough for each and every one of us. And that is the reality for us all. We know we can’t measure one’s suffering. We know when we see with our eyes and hear with our ears, that there are unfortunate people. And some people are more unfortunate than others.

Gary Anthony Albrecht

I'm an English teacher in Japan, a running coach, a novelist, a poet, and short story writer. My goal is to inform and entertain, as well as add value.

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